Everyone is welcome to experience 3D printing


Students from the University of Malta and MCAST frequently visit our lab to enhance

their projects with a new visual medium. The variety of designs is unlimited and

Full Circle 3D is happy to bring their designs to life.


Special occasions can become even more personal thanks to 3D printing. Think about the possibility to have your faces displayed on your wedding cake topper! We also provide other services for weddings such as wedding gifts and wedding invitations that stand out more thanks to their 3D characteristic.

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Functional prints

Many of our clients come to Full Circle 3D with the concern that the manufacture of their object is discontinued. 3D printing gives the perfect solution to this issue. The object can be modeled and printed in high quality PLA or any other material depending on the functional requirements. We have filaments providing high quality strength, filaments that ensure being waterproof and many other functional requirements.


Many different types of industries benefit from the applications of 3D printing. This can be in the form of architectural models, parts for the boat industry, mannequins for retail stores and many more. With our new Modix 120x 3D printer we are also able to provide clients with large scale 3D printing.


Clients that are not familiar with 3D printing also visit our store. We provide the service

of explaining the 3D printing process according to the idea that they bring.  One of our

very successful stories is that of Abigail; she did not know much about 3D printing and

wanted to have blades  printed for Comic Con in 2018 to match her outfit.


Full Circle 3D enables passive consumers to become active product creators. Delivering 3D printing, prototyping & reverse engineering technology to Malta. We aim to provide innovative 3D Printing and Scanning services to every industry as well as the local maker community.

We are also in close collaboration with students from the University of Malta and MCAST; anyone with a creative idea can come to Full Circle 3D for the physical realisation of their ideas.

Full Circle 3D provides the client with the option to choose their color. We are well connected with Colorfabb, a Dutch company that provides the highest quality of PLA. Colors can be ordered according to their RAL and will be in Malta within a week.