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Inkjet printing

Inkjet 3D printing is somewhat different from FDM 3D printing. It does work similarly in creating layer to build up a model but with inkjet 3D printing it spreads a layer of powder. It connects the layers by printing a layer in cross section that consists of a binder. The benefit of this type of 3D manufacturing is the addition of multiple colors; just as a regular printer the inkjet provides different colors wherever needed.

Z450 printer

The Z450 printer is an inkjet printer that produces sandstone prints. The addition of colors creates a realistic product and is used in many industries. Our Z450 printer originates from MIT, America and has been in our collection for a few years.

Thanks to the HP cartridges it is possible to create a print with many colors. We have started providing the service of wedding cake toppers that are personalized by having your faces on the bride and groom.