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-Rapid Prototyping 

-3D Design on Demand


-Mass Printing

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>>> "Imagine a machine that can manufucature almost any design you can think of..." <<<

The traditional artists, engineers, designers and pretty much anyone with an idea to explore, is invited to come and experiment with the tools and processes of the Fab Lab. The Lab does not replace traditional methods, but it augments and broadens the palette of what is possible.

What Do We Offer?

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-3D Mini Me

-Customer Service as it Should Be

-Wide 3D Printing Experience

-FDM 3D Printing 
max. dimensions 120 x 120 x 120 cm

​-Sandstone 3D Printing

max. dimensions 30 x 30 x 30 cm

We offer a wide variety of materials each one with its own properties. We'll help you decide which choice is the most suitable for your print.


ABS                                    PLA                                    Polycarbonate                                   HIPS                                    Woodfill                            Copperfill

    Full Colour Sandstone      Bronzefill                           Glow in the Dark                              Industry Specific ABS        Clear Plastic                   Nylon